17 Uncharted Easter Eggs And References To The Game Franchise You Might Have Missed

17 Uncharted Easter Eggs And References To The Game Franchise You Might Have Missed

The film adaptation of Uncharted is full of callbacks to the games that inspired it, and some are less obvious than others.

10 MISSABLE Easter Eggs from PS4 Games That We’ll Never Forget

PS4 exclusive games were filled with exciting strange Easter Eggs and references. Here are our favorites from the generation.
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Nathan Drake meets Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie | 2022

Movie cameos have no limits.

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Uncharted 4 | 21 Secrets and Easter Eggs (Last of Us Part 2, E3, Breaking Bad)

It’s Easter weekend 2020! I’m stuck indoors so we put this easter egg hunt together! Uncharted 4 is free on PlayStation Plus right now so download it if you have PS+ and find all these secrets. Look out for… The last of Us/ Last of Us part 2 / Ellie / Ellie’s mom / joel / Wumpa fruit / crash bandicoot / the OG PS1 / secret license plates / jak and daxter / board games / secret menu / borderlands / fire flies / drake / hotline bling / breaking bad and many more!

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Easter Eggs You Missed In Uncharted

Movies based on comic books, cartoons, or video games are often chock full of deep-cut references for fans of the series to seek out – and “Uncharted” is no different. (It probably helps that Sony, the same publisher behind the “Uncharted” game series, is also bringing you the movie.)

In “Uncharted,” everything from the outfits to the way Nathan Drake turns over a piece of paper has been brought over from the video game series, giving eagle-eyed viewers plenty of material to recognize.

From scenes that are practically identical to the games to little references to the developers themselves — as well as an appearance from the original Nathan Drake — these are all the Easter eggs you missed in “Uncharted.”

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An opening homage | 0:00
Ah, crap | 0:48
Nathan Drake’s origin story | 1:26
Nate’s Naughty Dog sticker | 2:07
The auction heist | 2:44
Indiana Jones | 3:57
The original Nathan Drake | 4:50
Buried pirate ships | 5:27
Classic character outfits | 6:22
Sam Drake dodges death | 7:16
Gabriel Roman | 8:09
Sully’s post-credits glow up | 9:08

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