Mega Man 2 Cheats For PlayStation NES Mobile iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Mega Man 2 Cheats For PlayStation NES Mobile iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Mega Man 2 on GameSpot.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite

Megaman 2 super password

Password para o dr Willy com todas as armas…

(Mega Man 2) One Hit Kill & Invincibility – Game Genie Codes

(Mega Man 2) One Hit Kill & Invincibility – Game Genie Codes
Mega Man 2 is an action game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in Japan in 1988 and in North America and PAL regions the following years.

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Game Genie Codes for Mega Man 2 NES:
⚫ (One Hit Kill Enemies)
Credit: nolberto82

⚫ (Jump In Mid Air)
Credit: Cyperium

⚫ (Invincibility)

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Mega Man X4 Cheat Codes Gameshark PS1 Cheats not for MegaMan X Collection PS2, Legacy PS4 Switch PC

Mega Man X4 / Rockman X4 Cheat Codes Gameshark CodeBreaker PS1 Cheats code not for MegaMan X Collection ( PS2 ) and Mega Man X Legacy Collection / Rockman X Anniversary Collection ( PS4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch and PC )
Code for X ( Fourth Armor / Ultimate Armor ) and Zero / Black Zero

MMX4 SLUS_00561
00:16 Mysterious X Armor
01:10 Jump In Mid Air
01:27 Max Buster and Inf Ammo
02:06 Buster Type Modifier
02:30 Put On or Take Off Armor
02:50 Fast Charging
03:27 Infinite Stock Charge Shot
03:43 Multiple Air Dash
03:50 Multiple Giga or Nova Attack
03:58 Long Dash
04:10 Long Nova or Giga Attack

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Jump In Mid Air (Hold “L2”, Press “X”)
8002122C DE3E
8002122E 0803
800F78F8 0041
800F78FA 3409
800F78FC 0040
800F78FE 340A
800F7900 8D68
800F7902 9248
800F7904 8D6C
800F7906 924C
800F7908 0005
800F790A 1509
800F7910 0003
800F7912 158A
800F7918 8D68
800F791A A24F
800F791C FCF5
800F791E A275
800F7920 0008
800F7922 03E0

Max Buster
(Press “L2” + “up” = On)
(Press “L2” + “down” = Off)
D0166C08 1001
800371B4 0001
D0166C08 1001
800371B6 1000
D0166C08 1001
8003714C 0001
D0166C08 1001
8003714E 1000
D0166C08 4001
800371B4 0009
D0166C08 4001
800371B6 1060
D0166C08 4001
8003714C 0006
D0166C08 4001
8003714E 1462

Buster Type Modifier (Press “select”)
8001244C DE00
8001244E 0803
800F7800 0001
800F7802 3409
800F7804 FEBB
800F7806 9068
800F7808 8014
800F780A 3C05
800F780C 000F
800F780E 1528
800F7814 1980
800F7816 90AD
800F7818 0003
800F781A 340C
800F781C 0001
800F781E 25AE
800F7820 0002
800F7822 11CC
800F7824 0000
800F7826 340F
800F7828 7821
800F782A 01C0
800F782C 1980
800F782E A0AF
800F7830 0002
800F7832 14CF
800F7838 196E
800F783A A0A0
800F783C 0003
800F783E 152F
800F7844 0004
800F7846 340C
800F7848 196E
800F784A A0AC
800F784C 0008
800F784E 03E0

Put On or Take Off Armor
(Hold “select”, Press “up” = Put On Armor
(Hold “select”, Press “down” = Take Off Armor
80015FFC DE16
80015FFE 0803
800F7858 1100
800F785A 3409
800F785C 4100
800F785E 340A
800F7860 0010
800F7862 340B
800F7864 0040
800F7866 340C
800F7868 8D68
800F786A 9644
800F786C 8D6D
800F786E 9245
800F7874 0005
800F7876 1489
800F787C 0003
800F787E 14AB
800F7884 DE27
800F7886 0803
800F788C 0004
800F788E 148A
800F7894 0002
800F7896 14AC
800F789C FCF4
800F789E A277
800F78A0 0008
800F78A2 03E0
D0166C08 1100
300F78A8 0001
D00F78A8 0001
D01418FC 9544
3014196F 003F
D0166C08 4100
300F78A8 0002
D00F78A8 0002
D01418FC 9544
3014196F 0000

Fast Charging
80038274 DE30
80038276 0803
800F78C0 009B
800F78C2 920F
800F78C8 0002
800F78CA 15F6
800F78CC 009D
800F78CE 9202
800F78D0 0059
800F78D2 3402
800F78D4 E09E
800F78D6 0800

Infinite Stock Charge Shot
800378CC 0000
800378CE 2442

Multiple Air Dash / Nova, Giga Attack
(Press “select” + “right” = On)
(Press “select” + “left” = Off)
D0166C08 2100
800375FC 0086
D0166C08 2100
800375FE A200
D0166C08 8100
800375FC 0000
D0166C08 8100
800375FE 0000

Long Dash (Hold “circle”)
80033870 001D
80033872 2402

Long Nova, Giga Attack (Hold “R2”)
D0166C0A 0002
301419A9 0018

Infinite Nova Attack (X Fourth Armor)
30141970 0030

Inf Hover Time (X Leg Armor)
3014199D 0088

Infinite Ammo All Weapons
80037B7C 0000
80037B7E 0000

Play as Black Zero,
Play as X Ultimate Armor (After get any part armors)
301721F7 0001

Mysterious Fourth Armor (Note)
Don’t use together with Ultimate Armor Code
80012558 DE2C
8001255A 0803
800F78B0 19E0
800F78B2 3409
800F78B4 1438
800F78B6 A609
800F78B8 0008
800F78BA 03E0
3014196F 003F

Mysterious Ultimate Armor (Note)
Don’t use together with Fourth Armor Code
80012558 DE2C
8001255A 0803
800F78B0 12F4
800F78B2 3409
800F78B4 1438
800F78B6 A609
800F78B8 0008
800F78BA 03E0
3014196F 0001
301721F7 0001

Note :
Codes only work in intro stage
Sky Lagoon Area 1

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