You Can Now Learn High Valyrian On Duolingo And Use It To Raise Your Own AR Dragon

You Can Now Learn High Valyrian On Duolingo And Use It To Raise Your Own AR Dragon

HBO has teamed up with the developers of the language-learning app, creating a course for the fictional language to promote the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

What happens after 365 days on Duolingo?

This took one year to make!

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How To Speak High Valyrian

“Game of Thrones” language creator Peter J. Peterson teaches us some phrases in High Valyrian.

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Daenerys teaches you High Valyrian

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Daenerys tries to teach you the most beautiful language of Game of Thrones… High Valyrian!

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Speedrunning HIGH VALYRIAN on Duolingo just in time for HOUSE OF THE DRAGON | Duolingo Speedrun #28

In the eve of the upcoming HBO show (House of the Dragon), what a better way to spend your time than learning High Valyrian? Well, there’s probably about 327 better things to do, but someone has to do it. And that someone is me. So strap in and join me in one of the the slowest speedruns ever done, while you try and pick up a bit of useful language to show off once House of the Dragon premieres. The Duolingo course covers some basics, as well as useful words related to both shows (Game of Thrones too, of course) regarding knights, dragons, love and war.

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The uTalk app team gave me a creator code with 30% discount. It’s quite a useful tool to complement your language learning experience at a beginner level. Check it out, they’ve got over 100 languages and 1 free word pack for each. If you enjoy it, consider using this code for 30% off
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